Aarambh Services

Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing Aarambh for your business needs. We aim to provide swift and comprehensive solutions to make global business easy for you. However, we understand that circumstances may arise where you need to request a refund. Please read our refund policy carefully before making a request.


This refund policy applies to all services provided by Aarambh, owned and operated by Skygoal Innova Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Refund Eligibility:

Refunds may be considered under the following circumstances:

  1. If Aarambh fails to deliver the agreed-upon services within the specified professional work time frame.
  2. If the services provided are significantly different from what was agreed upon.
  3. If there is a technical issue or error on our part that prevents you from accessing or utilizing the services.

Non-Refundable Services:

Please note that certain services may not be eligible for a refund, including but not limited to:

  1. Fees paid for government registrations, licenses, or filings.
  2. Third-party fees or expenses incurred on your behalf.
  3. Services that have already been rendered or partially rendered.
  4. Any fees associated with legal advice provided.

Refund Request Process:

If you believe you are eligible for a refund based on the above criteria, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact our customer support team via WhatsApp at +91 70132 42756 with your refund request. 
  2. Provide detailed information about the reason for your refund request, including any relevant documentation or evidence.
  3. Our team will review your request and respond to you within [specify time frame] with a decision.

Refund Processing:

If your refund request is approved, we will initiate the refund process within 7-14 working days. The refund will be processed using the same payment method used for the initial transaction, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Government Approval Time Frame:

Please note that while we strive to complete our services within our professional work time frame, government approval processes may vary and are not within our control. We cannot guarantee refunds based on delays caused by government approval processes.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns about our refund policy, please contact us via WhatsApp at +91 70132 42756 or email us at info@aarambh.services. You can also visit us at:
1, 5-729, Serlingampally, GHMC, Izzath Nagar, W.S Colony, Khanamet, Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Telangana, 500084.

Changes to this Policy:

Aarambh reserves the right to modify or update this refund policy at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website or other communication channels.